You can get personalized feeding instructions here:

What goes into Sundays' personalized feeding recommendations?
Our veterinarian-designed algorithm takes into account various factors about your dog including their age, weight, activity level, body condition score and other variables. We know all dogs are different and that certain breeds metabolize faster than others, so some plans may need further adjusting to meet these needs!

Why are my personalized feeding instructions different than what’s listed on the side of the box?
Feeding instructions are listed in a few places, which has been a source of confusion that we’re trying to fix. 1) We e-mail you personalized feeding instructions based on some specifics about your dog, 2) we include those personalized instructions in the shipping box, 3) there are generic feeding instructions on the cereal box, which are required by FDA / AAFCO package labeling regulations. Sometimes, in fact, oftentimes they disagree.

Why am I feeding less?
It’s not uncommon for the personalized feeding instructions to vary 2x from the box instructions. Since Sundays is more nutritionally dense *and* more digestible than conventional dog food (and because many dogs get calories outside of their food, such as treats), our vet-designed personalized recommendation algorithm tends to err on the side of under-feeding rather than over-feeding.

What do we recommend?
We recommend that you start with the personalized instructions, which tend to be about half of what you’d feed with kibble. Try it for a week or two after the transition. If you notice your dog losing weight or acting hungry, try increasing the amounts in small increments. Repeat the process until your dog is satisfied. Along the way, feel free to reach out and we’re happy to provide our guidance, as well!
Due to the amount I’m feeding, my Sundays boxes are coming too fast or too slowly!
No problem! Just let us know the amount you’re feeding per day (e.g. 1 cup, 2 cups, etc.) and we can update your subscription to be based on that amount rather than on the initial feeding instructions we send (which is the default).

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