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What are the benefits to air-drying?
What are the benefits to air-drying?
Written by Brittany C
Updated over a week ago

Air-drying combines the best of cooked and raw approaches. Like raw (and raw processing methods like "freeze-dried raw"), air-drying preserves nutrients and taste better than high heat methods. Unlike raw, Sundays' unique air-drying process involves a "kill step," which eliminates pathogens, so unlike freeze-dried raw or frozen raw dog foods, there is no food safety or handling risk with Sundays.

Sundays' air-drying all makes the food dry enough to last for weeks after opening, but has enough moisture to eat without any additional preparation. That's easy Sundays for you!

If you have concerns about the freshness of your order, you're welcome to store Sundays in the fridge or freezer.

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