Sundays is a different kind of dog food, and since our recipes are more nutritionally dense than traditional kibble, we offer personalized feeding instructions on our website. To be effective we recommend starting with a gradual transition period. Upon ordering, these instructions will be emailed to you, but you can also find them in our FAQ. We require starting with these recommendations to avoid overfeeding and potential tummy trouble.

Most traditional dog food companies' instructions recommend too much food, because they're incentivized for you to go back to the store and buy big bags. The calorie recommendations often make unrealistic assumptions like that the dog isn't eating anything else (e.g. like treats) and that they're proper weight β€” when over 70% of US dogs are overweight or obese.

Sundays' vet-designed algorithm assumes that you're pup might be getting other calories (in the form of some treats or scraps), and that they may be on the high-end of their healthy weight range β€” while 70% of dogs are overweight or obese, very few dog parents will self-report this, understandably :)

Since we know all dogs are different our feeding recommendations are just starting off points, not be-all-end-alls! Our plans offer plenty of flexibility based on your dogs needs.

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