Sundays is measured by weight. One cup of Sundays is ~3.5 oz by weight or 93 grams. Therefore, a 40 oz box has roughly 12 cups, a 72 oz box 22 cups, and 144 oz bundle has 44 cups.

Depending on the size of your dog, our three main sizes are designed to last 2-4 weeks; with the smallest size 40 oz lasting about 4 weeks for a small dog, and the 144 oz lasting 2 weeks for a very large dog.

You can get full feeding instructions and estimates here:

Since we know all dogs are different it is important to remember that our feeding recommendations are just starting off points, not be-all-end-alls! Our plans offer plenty of flexibility based on your dogs needs.

Please also keep in mind that your dog’s nutritional needs change over time, especially if you have a puppy, so be sure to get regular check-ins with your vet to stay on top of any changes. If you need help making changes, please always feel free to reach out to our team - [email protected].

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