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Is my dog's poop okay?
Is my dog's poop okay?
Written by Brittany C
Updated over a week ago

We spend way too much time thinking about poop at Sundays. We realize that the modern dog parent picks up their pup's poop almost every day, so we want to make sure poop is great for both the pup and the picker-upper.

We actually scientifically analyze the average "stool quality" of dogs who eat every new recipe of Sundays (we test it even after small changes in the recipe).

If your dog's stool is a little softer than normal (though not diahrea), especially when transitioning, this is normal for some dogs.

If your dog's stool is watery — if you're transitioning, just go back to the previous transition step and repeat it. If you've been feeding Sundays for several weeks or more and you're still seeing very loose stool, then please reach out to us and we may have some suggestions :) Of course, if you are ever concerned, please reach out to your veterinarian. We are always happy to speak with them directly as well!

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