• Before opening, Sundays should stay fresh for ~12 months.

  • After opening, Sundays should not spoil for at least ~6 weeks, but it can be less if food in bag was under-dried and/or stored in warm and wet/humid conditions.

    Please be certain to always store Sundays in a cool, dry place, away from any vents or heat, as heat can encourage mold. We understand that spoilage is frustrating, but our team works extremely hard to make certain all shipments are fresh, often shipping the same week the food is made.

    If you have concerns about the freshness of your order, you're welcome to store Sundays in the fridge or freezer.

    If you encounter spoilage, please keep the lot number from the bottom of the bag handy, along with any photos, and reach out to our team for help! We will require the lot number - this is the alphanumeric code on the bottom of the bag.

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